Welcome to Falconry Services Bird and Pest Control using Trained Birds of Prey.

We specialise in all aspects of bird and pest control within domestic and commercial properties.

Falconry services specialise in all aspects of bird control, and pest control, within the domestic and commercial properties, we do treatments for Rats, mice, fleas, bedbugs, ants, wasps, flying insects, we offer trapping and treatments for moles, rabbits and squirrels etc. Please click on the tabs above or ring our free phone number for advice or a quote.

Falconry services specialise in using birds of prey to deter roosting,
nesting, feeding or colonies of pigeons, seagulls, and other nuisance birds.

The birds we fly are Saker Falcons, Harris Hawk, and captive bred in the UK; they each have current and relevant DEFRA paperwork to abide with current UK laws.

We have or still are successfully carrying out pest control or Bird control in all aspects for Millennium Stadium, Cardiff council, Newport council, Caerphilly council, Hereford council, and many more.

Bird Control, using Trained Birds of Prey.

We specialise in Bird Control/Bird Proofing for Domestic Homes and Commercial Property..........

Proofing of buildings ie netting can be a most cost effective way to solve your pest bird problem these solutions can vary from bird point systems, coil, netting, and “daddi” long legs.,bird wire,spikeing,  All solutions are long term, and are installed by our expert technicians.


We can solve almost any problem/conflict with birds and pigeons, from small jobs to large projects.

Bio- acoustic bird callers: - We incorporate bio acoustic bird calls as used by the M.O.D. 

Programmable species specific bird repeller protects up to 6 acres (2.4 hectares) using actual species-specific distress calls to solve your BIRD PROBLEM! Perfect for field crops, golf courses, country clubs, residential community lakes, industrial parks. Target your birds with a species-specific approach Harmless. Super BirdXPeller PRO attacks the birds with loud, terrorizing sounds, but it doesn't harm them.

Super BirdXPeller PRO

Actual digital recordings of Hawks, Buzzard, and many predators plus distress calls of pest birds all combine to make this unit the "most effective" deterrent available.

Phillip Hawkins with Saker Falcon

Bird control, at some sites can be achieved more effectively by using saker, Falcons, and Harris Hawks, as deterrent, rather than Owls. In the wild, the type of birds found on sites can mob Owls; therefore we only use suitable falcons or hawks. We aim to fly at least one or two Falcons, per hour depending on the quantity of pest birds, colonising in the area.

Our skilled bird controllers assess which bird is best suited for each location. All members of staff are also fully trained to work in adverse weather conditions. If the weather is too severe bio acoustic equipment is used. We also have a member of staff available to manually scare the birds by lure swinging. They associate this with Falcon flying, therefore maintaining the fear element

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