INSECTS: At certain levels insects will come into contact with us in our everyday environment and not be a problem, but on occasions they can be found in kitchens, food premises, factories, offices, farm stores and Indoor animal units to an extent where they can cause serious Health and Safety, Financial, Nuisance and Personal stress concerns.

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FLEAS: Human Flea, Dog Flea, Cat Flea, The flea family consists of 1400 species of fleas worldwide and approx. 60 species in the UK. The adult flea is an external parasite feeding from warm-blooded animals or birds including humans, this is generally when they become a nuisance as the bites can cause minor irritations. more info


WASPS: Common Wasp, German Wasp, They are related to the Bee and the Ant Family and probably the most feared of the three, they nest in soil banks, trees, roof spaces, and cavity walls and can become aggressive when threatened. The sting generally being unpleasant but on occasions can be more serious i.e. should the sting be on or in the mouth say, or the reaction known as “anaphylactic shock” (a extreme reaction\to the wasps venom). more info


BEDBUGS: Known as the bed bug because it is a nocturnal parasite only coming out to feed on the host mainly humans, (but can also feed on dogs, cats and rodents). During the night crawling away to harbour in beds, bedding, furniture etc. As with the flea tends to only cause irritation from the bites. more info


FLIES: House fly, Cluster fly, Fruit fly, The fly family contains over 100,000 species worldwide. Flies multiply very quickly and can become a nuisance in numbers; the other major associated problem with flies can be the risk of transmission of disease, spoilage of food. more info


ANTS: Garden Ant, Common Black Ant, Pharaohs Ant, Found in many parts of the world, and very common throughout the UK, generally nesting out side and only coming into contact with humans when the ants may be living in or near a building or when searching for food. more info


COCKROACHES: Two main species of cockroach in Britain are the Oriental cockroach which is dark brown in colour and about 30mm long, and the German cockroach which is light yellowish brown, and about 12mm long. The bodies of both species are divided into three sections. They have long antennae protruding from the head. more info


This is only a small selection.
We also cover many other pest not recorded here, please call for advice on other insect pest problems.

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