While we install pigeon spikes, there are many other solutions to your pigeon problem. We have a complete range of solutions and will recommend the most appropriate one for your situation.

The ultimate solution willdepend on many factors such as the size of your building, the historic nature of your building, the pest bird and whether it is roosting or breeding, the size and how long the pigeon colony has been established.

In most situations, the solution may only displace the pigeons to another ledge so this will be taken into account when our skilled technician visits your site.

Alternatives to Pigeon Spikes

As a guide, we also use the following alternatives to pigeon spikes:

NETTING: When installed, and covering whole areas with no gaps, nets provide an impregnable wall which prevents the pigeons landing. It works with all birds, is extremely humane and can be used in most circumstances and from only a few feet can be un-seen. This is the most effective way against heavy infestation. If access is required to any netted areas then heavy-duty zippers can be fitted. Nets are constructed from polyethylene and fixed with stainless steel brackets thus making it a long-term cost effective solution, particularly with a service contract.

COIL: Easy to fit, the coil works by providing a unstable surface for the pigeons to land. Ideal where the area needs to be accessed as they can be removed then replaced after access. A very discreet and humane solution, used on ledges and suitable for outward opening windows.

BIRD WIRE: Suitable for all types of problems especially heavy infestations and comes in a variety of sizes. They are made from stainless steel and barely visible to the human eye from a few feet away.

POINT SYSTEM: Available in different sizes depending on the type of bird infestation. They can be used in a variety of different situations, making an area unsuitable to land on. Made from stainless steel and plastic for longevity they are also discreet from a few feet and very humane.

DADDI LONG LEGS: Best for light to medium infestation areas and specifically designed for seagull or pigeons. Works similar to the coil, where access may be required as it comes in 2 parts : The base is fixed, with the top part formed from long detachable wires which can be removed if access is required. The daddi long legs works by the upper part having a ray of wires, which are free to move: when the birds attempt to land the wires give an unsuitable surface , making it uncomfortable for the birds.

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