What do they look like

Wasps usually eat insects, which are mainly garden or household pests. They also feed on dustbin waste and animal carcasses.

Pest Status 

A wasp, unlike a bee, can sting many times. Although the wasp sting is not normally serious, it can be very painful, and in certain cases can cause a severe reaction.


Is it necessary? 

Nests located in areas away from human contact can be left untreated. It should be remembered that wasps have a beneficial aspect as they kill many garden insect pests.

D.I.Y. Treatments

If you do decide to treat the nest yourself, suitable products can be purchased from hardware shops and garden centres. You must first locate the entrance to the nest. Following the flight pattern of returning wasps may help.
Treatment should be carried out very early or late in the day when activity is at a minimum. Apply the insecticide to the entrance of the nest, or directly on to the nest if it is visible.

Consider the risks carefully before attempting a treatment yourself. Wasps are very aggressive when their nest is threatened, and multiple stings may result if your protective clothing is inadequate.

When using pesticides, always follow the instructions on the label.

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